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I want like to share with the general public the deceptive and bordering Fraud sales tactics that Service Protection Direct enlists. First they send me a very deceptive card that was unsolicited to extend my factory warranty.

When I called who I thought was Nissan Corp, the sales rep Ryan Chambers told me they were in fact part of Nissan Corp & by purchasing their extended warranty it would be extending the Factory warranty that I currently have with Nissan.

When I inquired with my Nissan dealer, discovered this was a Lie & that my dealer would not honor the Service Protection Direct warranty, I cancelled the contract well within the 30 day limit.

Zack in their Retention unit and Stanley Hull a supervisor ASSURED me on 4 occasions that they would refund me my down payment of $200. When I asked if I should return their warranty package which included a small bottle of Dura Lube, Zack told me it was not necessary.

WELL, after 3 months they NOW tell me that I needed to return the Dura Lube (which is worth less than $10 at Pep Boys) and that even if I returned it now they would NOT refund me any money.

They purposefully drug this process out and neglected to properly inform me in an attempt to abscond with my $200.

I want to warn anyone reading this that you should NEVER respond to ANY Unsolicited warranty extensions, especially from Service Protection Direct and seek out your own company to ensure that you really get what you are paying for.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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