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I purchased a contract after having the contract they would not HONOR what was clearly in the agreement and my truck sat in a shop for 3 weeks. I bought this policy on a used truck that was 7 years old and after owning the policy I had a check engine light come on I took it to the dealership i paid for everything that was not covered by my warranty after, and yet my truck still had issues and it was the transmission once I contacted Service protection they advised me i need to have maintenance statements and continue to say that they didn't receive them in the mean time my truck sat at the dealership not getting the work done to see if the warranty was going to cover what was clearly listed under my agreement.

Well they refused to up hold the contract however and continue to take money from my account on a service that they used every excuse for. I told them what I was told when I purchased the contract is not what is happening now, I continued to try to provide this company with all the paperwork they requested on my truck and still never got anywhere. They also were so rude to the dealership that my truck was at they advised them that they had never experience a company that would continue to give me the run around and not uphold there end of my contract I paid over $2,000 dollars to work that wasn't covered under this policy and then when the issue was something that fell under my contract it should of been taken care of it wasn't they staled time gave me the round wouldn't return my call. I have never experienced a company that told you one thing to sign the contract and once it came time for them to uphold the contract they used every other reason why they wouldn't pay for something.

I bought a used truck and didn't have no idea that 8 months down the road I would have issue's who does, however that is why i purchased a extended warranty for a piece of mind and that is far from what I received. I am clearly not happy with this company was told by the rep that this was a a+ rating company on the BBB which I see is not the case. The sell you a policy and tell you so many lies to get the contract if you ever need to file a claim the use every excuse on why they are not covering this claim and the way that I was treated from this company is to top the nightmare off.

I would strongly like my case to be looked at and I would hope that something is done to stop a company like this in the future. It is bad enough our way of transportation is not working but to have to get the run around and the rudeness and the awful service by this company is far out of any business practice.

Monetary Loss: $3255.

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